Using Social Media to Improve Your SEO

Using Social Media to Improve Your SEO

Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are undoubtedly connected and will only
become more interdependent in the future.

In this article, you will discover ways you can use social media to boost your search

The Role of Social Media in Rankings

Social media is too powerful a tool for brands to ignore, and unless there is some seismic shift in
the attitudes and habits of users, its value will only continue to grow over the coming years.
That being said, it’s unclear exactly how search engines use social media to rank your website.
While Google has flip-flopped on their algorithms use of social signals as a factor in search
rankings, the official word for now is that social signals (likes, re-tweets, pins, shares, follows,
etc.) don’t factor into search results.

That being said, social is still a very powerful SEO tool, even if social signals don’t directly
impact your search rankings.

Activate Your Brand Community to Reinforce Relevance

Though social may only indirectly affect your rankings, one of the ways it does is through the
power of your community. Search engines factor in the size of your following on social media as
a measure of your authenticity. After all, if you only created phony clickbait content, you
would not have been able to build a large community of followers in the first place.

Do fake users count? In short, no, because fake users can’t engage with your content. Real users
who click through from your social media accounts to your website or blog and share your
content will ultimately boost critical website stats. As Google tries to determine authenticity
and content value, it can look at that traffic as concrete proof that you are doing something right.
These three quick tips will help you craft social media posts that boost clicks to your website.

Cut Down on Word Count
While the length of copy varies from platform to platform. Less is more when it comes to your social media copy. In fact, research shows the click-through rate on paragraph-long Facebook copy is 2-6 times
lower than updates that are approximately 40 characters long.

Try to keep your social media posts to around 40 characters.
Rather than using extended copy in your social media posts, opt for a lower word count. Use all
of the words you need, and not one more.

Tell People What You Want Them to Do
Sometimes, all your audience needs is a simple request so they know how to better interact
with your content.

Managing SEO can be challenging at scale and crucial for your online rank. Read this awesome blog post on how to do anchor texts and other SEO techniques.

3 Tips To Creating An Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, there’s more to it than simply creating a Facebook page for your local business. In general, doing any type of marketing requires a strategy beforehand so that you know exactly how to appeal to your audience. seo and social media

Before jumping into Facebook marketing, forming a marketing strategy for your Facebook page is what you should do first. Here are three tips that you can use to help you get started:

1. How Do You Choose Your Profile and Cover Photos?

First impressions count when it comes to social media marketing. If people don’t like what they see on your page, they’ll be turned off by it and walk away from it forever. In order for your business to benefit from this marketing platform, you don’t want that; so take the time to decide what your profile and cover photos will be for your Facebook page. Here are a ideas you can use for your profile and cover pictures:

– Your business logo
– Any volunteer work pictures that you and your team has done to give you an extra PR boost
– Your products
– Photos that represent your services
– Custom-made artwork that represents your business

Make sure that your profile and cover pictures aren’t inappropriate or poorly made. If you need to, invest in professional photography services to make your business photos pop. Clear and crisp photos will only help generate interest in your business and attract more people to it.

2. What Do You Want To Post?

This is the most common concern that business owners have when they create a Facebook business page; they never know what to post exactly, yet they have already created a Facebook page. Before even establishing your page, figure out what posts you want to create. Do you want to share business updates or promote your products and services? Do you want to share any mini stories with your fans related to your industry? Get creative with your posts! Here are some basic guidelines to use when you’re planning what types of Facebook posts you want to have for your page:

Posts must always be positive in some way, i.e. funny, encouraging, engaging, empowering, etc. Don’t vent to your fans, and keep any personal issues you have to yourself.

Add some type of media with each of your posts. The most popular type of media to use with posts is images. You can also combine YouTube videos with your posts.

Have a variety of posts to keep your Facebook page interesting, such as promotional posts and content-only posts.


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